Hills and cliffs

Okay it’s been quite around here lately, not because there’s no material to post. Truth is I’ve a lot to post, but something’s just have a way to take away someone’s attention. One of those are apps, game like apps to be precise, like the one I’m dealing with right now.

I won’t mention it right now but I will leave a clue….
It’s Very Ableton like!

Behind the Beat: Dreemz – A.kInGs

A couple of weeks ago I posted a beat by A.kInGs and I hinted about a write up on the process behind the beat. It turns out A.kInGs is currently going through a difficult situation in his life, and writers block is one of the side effects, anyways a creative mind is always ON!… Here’s brief explanation on how the beat/instrumental came to be….

Who knows about caustic? Since you reading this I take it as you know more about it beyond my touch up knowledge, so teacher pillay left the classroom. I’ve had the opportunity to play with caustic for quite some time now and yes it is addictive. Dreemz is a beat I made when I first installed caustic on my new Sony E1, well I had the loop saved for some time until I got highly stressed about my love life. Took all my stress and saved it on caustic. It’s been a month since I sent in the beat to klAs and I’m writing this article in a train. It’s about to become a long trip, wish i had a set of headphones or something. Jozi looks nice by the way. Caustic is built in some easy to use way, I’ve been telling klAs I love it’s stock standard sounds so that’s what I went for that mostly.



Song of the month: Dreemsz by A.kInGs

To kick start the blog, here’s a ridiculously good example of what’s possible with Caustic and Android by A.kInGs.. To all the naysayers this should convince y’all that Android is a more then capable platform for creating music. And remember its the driver not the car that gets a person to their destination.

A.kInGs will write down a brief essay about his experiences using Caustic, I will post it once it’s wrapped up.

Soundcloud link: http://soundcloud.com/a-kings/dreemsz
Twitter: @Ardkings


Statewerks Version 2.0: now online!

Welcome to Statewerks ver2!, with the holiday season out the way it’s time to indulge in some artistic goodness.

Last year I mentioned a makeover for the blog, well, the time has come to get on with the changes. One huge change is I’m going focus less on my efforts and more on creatives that actually work and create using this mobile tools we have, 1st post will be on my brother A.kInGs, followed by a short essay profiling his experiences with Caustic and Android. Till the next post ….stay bliss.

Finally statewerks is moving on…

So I have been talking about changing this blog and everything. I never got around doing that until now, this upcoming week I’m deleting or moving all previous posts. Simply cause they don’t work. I’m already rocking an ideal platform to conduct all these, before that I’m going to post a couple of pictures of the tablets I was using throughout the year and maybe write ups if i mange to do them. Until one!

Update: I’ve decide to make the old posts private. So anyone interested on the old statewerks hit me up here and I will pass them your way.

P.s. Posts will gradually disappear starting from now…