Random Thouhhts 

So vandag I had a couple of ideas about blog topics worth writing about. The idea would finally write something worthy …
But events that happened throughout the day, had me question a few things. Especially the current situation of life, and the difference between us and them. Don’t worry I won’t In depth (I have something instereting for that).

Firstly I would like to reflect on the “Real nigger” stance. 

What actually makes a real nigha? 

I don’t have a answer for that, but I can tell you, nighas that….

-Quit School for Art.

-Make moves for their homies. 

-get their team fed.

-have faith on the wackiest idea just coz it’s possible. 

-don’t give a fuck about outsiders (who does really!?).

-willing to step out of their comfort zone.
This shit is what makes a Nigha, obviously there’s more but I’m freesylting now.

I wonder why most people don’t get the chance to witness and enjoy such simple things in life, I mean. Hearing people talk today, I feel some things are not that difficult to figure out. Why are we trying to complicate a simple empty circle/cycle?
P.s. Okay this might not have anything to do with art, but reread this a couple of times and It might make sense. If not then, do it again .

Update – back in…

So a few months ago I expressed my fondness of the new look, which, luckily i kept as it is. Now clearly looking at blank web pages gets boring pretty quickly, hence why i have decided to try and blog again.
One thing I don’t get is after all this time there’s still no one blogging about android music production apps. Considering there’s a few music producers making quality joints, it’s surprising no one is willing to write about it.
Anyways I won’t be doing that either, I haven’t been messing with Android lately, infact other then trying out lastest G-Studio updates I haven’t touched anything. Hopefully that will change.
I still maintain G-Studio is the best Apps on any platform thus far. And I have been using ios apps a lot. The only app that comes close is Nanostudio, although you can’t compare the two, a Nanostudio vs Caustic is more appropriate.
With that said I will end here, it’s safe to say I’m back!

Hills and cliffs

Okay it’s been quite around here lately, not because there’s no material to post. Truth is I’ve a lot to post, but something’s just have a way to take away someone’s attention. One of those are apps, game like apps to be precise, like the one I’m dealing with right now.

I won’t mention it right now but I will leave a clue….
It’s Very Ableton like!

Behind the Beat: Dreemz – A.kInGs

A couple of weeks ago I posted a beat by A.kInGs and I hinted about a write up on the process behind the beat. It turns out A.kInGs is currently going through a difficult situation in his life, and writers block is one of the side effects, anyways a creative mind is always ON!… Here’s brief explanation on how the beat/instrumental came to be….

Who knows about caustic? Since you reading this I take it as you know more about it beyond my touch up knowledge, so teacher pillay left the classroom. I’ve had the opportunity to play with caustic for quite some time now and yes it is addictive. Dreemz is a beat I made when I first installed caustic on my new Sony E1, well I had the loop saved for some time until I got highly stressed about my love life. Took all my stress and saved it on caustic. It’s been a month since I sent in the beat to klAs and I’m writing this article in a train. It’s about to become a long trip, wish i had a set of headphones or something. Jozi looks nice by the way. Caustic is built in some easy to use way, I’ve been telling klAs I love it’s stock standard sounds so that’s what I went for that mostly.