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General Update:

So last week my Brother A showed me the videos of that session I mentioned last week. And it’s safe to say all that “Android can’t music” bull has been proven wrong again. (there’s already countless number of producers rocking Android as a platform).
Now I’m not sure how to go about sharing the videos, I can take the easy way out and post them on YouTube.
Shall wait and see, in the mean time I will have him do a guest post here. On the another news, we really struggling getting an app that can record and multitrack on the Phone, for the life of me I can’t remember the apps I was using just a few years ago and most apps the songwriter finds are apparently useless (due to distance I can’t help him out with those apps directly as we only comuncate via email/social media). On the Plus side G-Stomper is still proving to be the best app thus far, but understanding the workflow coming from the Software Daw world proves to be little challenging, hopefully the manual can ease that. 
Interesting Question: how Usefull is G-Stomper Rhythm???

Ios/Android Blues: Thoughts and Rants

A few years back I got introduced to the world of mobile music production, thanks to an Android app called electrum Drum machine. As months went passed I got more and more convinced about the feasibity of replacing a full on Desktop setup with a tablet Running Apps like G-Stomper Studio and Caustic 3. That is…. Until I got Frustrated by the android platform. Refusing to give up on the idea, I moved to ios, where the creditably as a music production platform was already certified. 

Fast forward, ios apps did prove to be worthy replacements for their desktops counterparts. In fact Nanostdio** is the only app on ios that can compete with Reason and Ableton Live, fun factor wise. And the only app that MIGHT give G-Stomper a run for its money (Seriously The only way to Replace G-stomper is to use a Hardware Sampler/Groovebox/Drum machine).
After a year of using ios apps/mobile production setup, i find myself reaching out to desktop softwares again. Reason being, apps just can’t do everything they need to do, and those that have all necessary features have stupid workflows that I can’t even understand how people mange to use them (yes, Beatmaker 2 I’m looking at you!). 
Now I really want to make this mobile music production thing work, I have introduced a few friends to these apps and seems like they getting more work done than me. Today I decided to try it again by using Nanostudio, and after a couple of hours I managed to get a nice lil Electronica instrumental goin, workflow issues prevent Me from actually finishing the joint for whatever reasons unknown. 
So do I still Recommend Apps? YES!… caustic is the Truth!..(oh how I wish Blip interactive and SingleCellSoftware could work to together and come up with CausticStudio/CausticNano, that will be DAY!)
I could Rant some more but I have Workflow issues to deal with. 

**Nanostudio is actually not the only one. There’s Gadget which is really really GREAT!, Osiclab and it’s unique Workflow, Impc Pro which works for sample based music, Sunvox for Techincal Geeks, Vivdtracker for that Old School Feel… Obviously there’s a lot more on both platforms. 
P.s. There’s app recently released on Android which is distend to be next big thing, I will profile it once I get the opportunity to try it out.

Setbacks and Ideas

It’s always stressing when you get a major setback…Earlier this month me and my team/squad decided on working on a first official project. The idea was to work and release an EP and a full length before the years ends. We even Hooked up favors for performances and promotional stuff.
Long story short. Those ideas and plans never materialized due to equipment failure and loss. Just a couple of weeks ago our main singer/songwriter lost his laptop which had all our demos and songs for the project. Right now it is safe to say those two projects and our year long planning and work has gone down the drain.
Goods news is we haven’t given up yet, which leads me to reasons of this blog post. 

Now our new plan is to attempt to create a project, using nothing more then Android apps and devices. I mean exclusively!.

The vocal recording will be done using a phones internal microphone, the same one used for calling and giggles (maybe pranks calls too).

Instrumentation work will be handled by a number of apps.
Right now we busy testing out different apps, and with it being so cumbersome, I won’t write about it.
So there…we busy testing out sh@&$#, so it will be quite around here until we get our preferd apps and start working which I will be documenting (hopefully). 
By the way before I bounce, my highly Gifted Brother recently had a session with a friend, where apparently Caustic was used with midi keyboards and such, so should be interesting to hear how that went, personally I’m ****** about obvious Android issues (won’t even mention it, GOOGLE).
Until One! PEACE.

Update – back in…

So a few months ago I expressed my fondness of the new look, which, luckily i kept as it is. Now clearly looking at blank web pages gets boring pretty quickly, hence why i have decided to try and blog again.
One thing I don’t get is after all this time there’s still no one blogging about android music production apps. Considering there’s a few music producers making quality joints, it’s surprising no one is willing to write about it.
Anyways I won’t be doing that either, I haven’t been messing with Android lately, infact other then trying out lastest G-Studio updates I haven’t touched anything. Hopefully that will change.
I still maintain G-Studio is the best Apps on any platform thus far. And I have been using ios apps a lot. The only app that comes close is Nanostudio, although you can’t compare the two, a Nanostudio vs Caustic is more appropriate.
With that said I will end here, it’s safe to say I’m back!