Android L and Samsung bootcamp

So Google drops Android lollipop and Samsung drops an awful app for their devices. That should be a good thing for Android right? well if we lived on the moon and corporations never cared about profit then yes, unfortunately that’s not the case, our consumer driven world is going straight to the dogs. Android is still suffering from bad file management that reminds me of windows 95 and it’s enemy Apple’s ios is not even better too.

Here’s a challenge, use an Android tablet as your main workstation for a month, without consulting a desktop. Then come back and talk about how undercooked Android really is, it’s like using Linux, and Linux is for weird nerds wit ridiculous amounts of time in their hands. Believe me I know, been using Android and Linux.

Sure it’s fun to play around with and what not but it feels way incomplete. And those stupid factory GUI Are ugly as f****.

So why I’m being negative about Android? Well cause I’m not seeing progress, besides Samsung Biting everything they can get their teeth on.

Until we see something I’m going to vist the other team and spy for us..yep really, like that sh*** wil help.

Someone get me a Lenovo tablet.

Price tag >> Minimalism >> Platform woes.

Been a while since writing a blog post, clearly I can’t Mange to multitask, nah…scratch that, I don’t like multitasking. anyway here’s something to think about.

Minimalism encourages humans to consume less and create more. it also goes against the consumer culture, which means buy less, buy quality, and more often then not quality means high price, which for normal consumers that equals expensive.

then what’s wrong with buying cheap low end android products, specifically tablets?

does it mean?

- less care – cause there’s no value to the product.

- negligence –  the image doesn’t provide the need for personal attachment.

-  Inspiration – the low cost makes it hard to justify buying accessories for it.

- Confidence – Seeing there’s already the above things on the way, you end up not putting effort to learn, use and probably have fun with the device.

- Trustworthiness – With the lack of Confidence, you start doubting the potential of the given article.

Now I know its random but thinking about it, it is one of the reasons why android tablets will always be considered consumption devices and not productivity tools. simply put, creatives require something with personality regardless of the price tag, specially minimalist since having less stuff kinda translates to having high quality products that are appealing and attractive. who really wants to use an old school IBM laptop as their main workstation device?. I know there’s alot of people that won’t mind but image conscious artists?? forget it!

With that said.. Apple Products start making sense, ever notice there’s more documentation & discussions around the ios platform than on the Android platform!?  for experienced musicians and creatives, ios is the default platform to choose when experimenting with mobile music making setups. and Apple knew that from the beginning, that’s why ios is the best mobile platform for productivity.

What about windows tablets?….well, the idea sounds great until you remember how cumbersome full windows soft-wares were on netbook. whats needed is developers must create new apps for the windows platform, then again Windows is also in the same corner as Android.

Conclusion is Android will eventually  catch-up to ios in terms of apps and usability. too bad ios had a head start and as we already know, “OLD HABITS DIE HARD”.

Android is destined to become the next Windows, everyone will be using it but few will use it for more meaningful tasks. ready for round two of the OS Flame Wars?…

Blog Redesign

Greetings to everyone, hope all is well. while trying to change some things on the blog, I kinda came up with a scheme to cheat everything. have decided to edit and redesign the blog on a DESKTOP instead of the phone. hows that cheating? you ask, well I was planning on doing everything on the phone, clearly that didn’t work out as planned, to be expected right?


So I’m back at it again, Got a tablet from my neighbor once again (gotta Love my neighbor!), problem is the tablet is nothing more different than the last one, Apps I will be focusing on will be G-Stomper, Caustic and Sunvox, plus the various synth apps, the main software will be Openmpt (Modplug) on windows.

Got a new Beattape planned which will be official. and why don’t I talk about the redesign? Oh well that slipped my mind……


So I haven’t been using android apps in a while, couple of weeks back I was with some kid who recently bought an iPad. Now, before that, I wasn’t interested in ios for a number of reasons, but this time around I was open minded, so we decided to download a few apps and see what an iPad was capable of.

thing I’ve noticed is apps on the iPad are slightly expensive compared to android, and the worthy ones had no demos.

Choosing an app proved to be challenging, YouTube came offered some help.

now we still looking, but I’m thinking Beatmaker 2, the owner thinks nanostudio because it looks like caustic.

the reason why we not considering Caustic is because we already know it.

shall see how it works out.

Passing by

Might seem like I have deserted this blog.(Dude didn’t even greet) but I haven’t, I’ve been trying to write posts using windows mobile and that didn’t work out well, Almost gave up. So this probably my 8th post if it decides to go straight to the electronic trash.

and Android side of things?
I’m outdated like windows dos (get that!?!?), lets hope I check out some things later this week. Now let me go back to Openmpt got challenges to win!..


With the death of the tablet, and my phone deciding to follow suit I’ve decided to leave Android and replace the phone with a windows Phone…Now I know that’s thinking backwards and all, but I just had to find a way to carry less stuff and stop the app addiction that I saw coming. Android just felt like Linux way too much for my liking and I personally believe Microsoft got it right with the Windows phone OS.

The Big question is how will I continue blogging about apps which I won’t be able to use? Well..I won’t be blogging about android apps until Android L comes out officially, that’s basically when I’m planning on replacing the tablet, for now news about android will come from guest posts and the like.

unfortunately I couldn’t complete the G-stomper Drumkit I was busy with, so I have decided to giveaway samples from the drum sample pack, this upcoming Friday. This post is already too long for my liking so I will end it here for now…more later.