With the death of the tablet, and my phone deciding to follow suit I’ve decided to leave Android and replace the phone with a windows Phone…Now I know that’s thinking backwards and all, but I just had to find a way to carry less stuff and stop the app addiction that I saw coming. Android just felt like Linux way too much for my liking and I personally believe Microsoft got it right with the Windows phone OS.

The Big question is how will I continue blogging about apps which I won’t be able to use? Well..I won’t be blogging about android apps until Android L comes out officially, that’s basically when I’m planning on replacing the tablet, for now news about android will come from guest posts and the like.

unfortunately I couldn’t complete the G-stomper Drumkit I was busy with, so I have decided to giveaway samples from the drum sample pack, this upcoming Friday. This post is already too long for my liking so I will end it here for now…more later.

On The news today:


This past Sunday me and my brother A.kInGs decided to hook up a jam session at the park. We had 2 android Tablets running G-stomper and Caustic, plus a few tools like a nanokey midi keyboard and portable speakers. The session turned out dope, A.kInGs will write about it later. Next morning I planned on uploading the outcome of the session, then It happened….The tablet with the work died on us….Everything Gone including  beats A.kInGs made a week before. All works and material for the blog Gone…right now I have no idea what’s goin to happen…But a plan will come up…later…

Blog Observation: WTF is wrong here!?

Here’s the low down…
woke up early.
Decided to read the posts on Statewerks.
Went through the posts looking for links related to the Topics.
Then I started to wonder….this dude???
Posts filled with grammar errors for days!

Ain’t that Nice?, just proves getting everything correct is killing the soul!..Embrace mistakes in Art.

What’s coming?


Great things everyone. Hope everyone is having fun exploring the possibilities of mobile music production. Last time I talked about brainstorming new directions that the blog could take, after some thoughts I think I have something worthy. The main focus won’t change, only how it will be reported.

We have something special planned for this upcoming Sunday afternoon, if things go according to plan I will document it right here….Can’t get into details or offer clues yet…yet another waiting game!

P.s. old posts might get deleted in preparation for new content…Comments and suggestions welcome.

A not so Quick Greeting

Good morning/day/night.

Just noticed some posted didn’t get uploaded, with the tablet out of my hands for the time being I can’t get them uploaded.

No biggie though, I’m still planning on blogging about interesting stuff other then android apps. There’s a few ideas I have been brainstorming lately, mainly about the direction of the blog, seems like I will have to go with my original idea I had from the beginning. I will still talk about apps since seeing that’s my favorite pass time lately. Truth be told the whole mobile production high is no longer there, I miss working on the PC using DAWS like Podium and Reason. Now that’s not saying Android sucks for making music or anything, it’s just it’s no longer as exciting  plus it’s limiting. I have a few “big” projects that I will be working on from the next upcoming weeks, I tried finding a way of incorporating the apps but it just won’t work. Although I have a few surprises planned for the blog, like the G-stomper Drumkit and etc…plus I might upload free beats made with G-stomper and Caustic…just have to get these bloody exams out the way.

App Recommendations

I had someone asking me what’s the best android apps for music production. After my last post I don’t feel like writing something long, so I will list my personal favorites and probably write about each one next time.

here’s the list randomly: no links, just search on Google play store.

-G-Stomper Studio
The most fun to use app Ever!, forget ios apps.

-Caustic 3
Probably the most complete app you can get, can even replace your desktop DAW.

tracker style App with tons of features, workflow takes time to get use to.

-Electrum Drum Machine.
A basic drum machine that does the job, heard people comparing it to the legendary Sp1200…can’t comment on that, never touched the SP.

For fans of old school Techno and the legendary Rebirh RB338, kinda of a one trick pony. The bass synth is dope.

one incomplete app that had could’ve been neat, I really won’t recommend this one but I’ve had nice beats made with it. No.maybe it’s worth the try.

-FL Studio Mobile.
Also not recommending this one especially after seeing the price tag.

-Audio Evolution Mobile.
The first Android DAW to get it right, can even use your USB interface when purchasing the extra app. I really like this one just can’t find time to check it out probably.

DAW app that can give Audio Evolution a run for it’s money..comes with a nice set of features.

For the chiptune Gang, it does more then 8bit sounds, definitely underrated.

There’s more apps out there, I just couldn’t get the chance to play with them. Besides I don’t go out looking for the best app. Now do we still have people complaining about android not developed enough to make music on???.

P.S. Check out G-stomper Rhythm. the best free app you can get, even has more features then Electrum. I still wonder why is it free.